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Jeffrey LaBelle and Karen Sprogis


Gulf Coast Wealth Advisors recently welcomed and hosted guest speaker, Karen Sprogis, to share her insights on commercial real estate investment trends. She has experience with investments in the U.S. and Canada across various property types.

With a well-attended crowd at Michael’s Wine Cellar, Sarasota an interactive presentation discussed many emerging trends, opportunities and critical issues in the marketplace. Five notable points included:

  1. Many urban areas are seeing that apartment rental housing construction is at a 20-year high. Various organizations stay on top of the market to understand and study the supply/demand as it relates as an investment potential.
  2. The self-storage construction investments have increased as more millennial businesses opt to not have a storefront, but need storage facilities for the inventory of their online businesses.
  3. Millennials were the largest group of home buyers for the fourth consecutive year.
  4. There is an expanding affordable-housing shortage.
  5. Consumers will continue to invest more capital into private and alternative real estate assets.

* Source: Karen Sprogis, January, 2018.

Jeffrey LaBelle is an LPL Investment Advisor Representative whose practice offers strategies for focused risk management, institutional style portfolio management, and tax- planning services. His team offers clients a fact-based, conservative strategy approach to preserving capital and investing wisely in an ever-changing world.

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